Lima Nusa Buana Office
Type - Interior
Client - PT Lima Nusa Buana
Size - 120sqm
Location - Jakarta, Indonesia
Status - Completed March 2016

Lima Nusa Buana Office is a project located in Kuningan, Jakarta. The client asked for a flexible open office with a capacity of around fifteen people. While the small budget was definitely an issue, the biggest challenge was the deadline. With only two weeks to finish the project, we had to make sure that every decision was the right one.

Located on the east-facing side of the building, the office gets a good amount of natural light in the morning. However, this light diminishes as the day progresses. We decided to place the private offices, seperated by full-height glass partitions from the common area, by the windows to maximize the use of natural light.

To expedite the fit-out process, we decided that a simple polished concrete with a layer of clear epoxy was our best option. The result is a semi-reflective surface that also improve the light quality of the project. We laid a strip of carpet tiles under the common work space to break up the space and add some color to the room. We went with natural colors for the color scheme of the project, with a splash of yellow to brighten the overall mood.