Rekoleksi Memori
Type - Temporary
Client - KomNasHAM dan Partisipasi Indonesia (National Commitee of Human Rights and Indonesian Participation)
Size - 278sqm
Location - Jakarta, Indonesia
Status - Completed December 2015

The temporary museum Rekoleksi Memori, built in front of Teater Jakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki, housed the artworks of Sigit Pratama, Elisabeth Ida, Yovista Ahtajida, Adrian Mulya , Kiki Febriyanti and Jompet Kuswidananto.

The 278-square-meter box was built by stacking four tiers of scaffoldings as its main structure. The walls were made from layers of chicken wire and black paranet nylon fabric. To protect the artworks from the elements, a tarp tent is set up in the interior. For lighting, we used a combination of LED stripes and adjustable downlight. The overall lighting quality gave the museum a gentle glow when viewed from afar and a sense of transparency when seen up close.

This project symbolized the young generation's refusal to forget a dark part of Indonesian history and a reminder that violence is never the answer.